Wenatchee, Washington

Ohme Gardens

“We just wanted to build a nice backyard.” In 1929, Herman and Ruth Ohme bought 40 acres of land on a rocky bluff, intending to develop an orchard and build a home. Since they couldn’t get a loan to build their home because of the Depression, they decided to start on their yard until the banks had money to loan again. Neither were botanists or landscape architects and they never had a written plan. But they knew they wanted to create an alpine garden, so they loaded their Studebaker Coupe with young trees, ferns, shrubs and flagstone and worked on their vision when they could spare time from their orchard. Gradually they turned a barren hilltop into a beautiful alpine garden high above the Columbia River and Wenatchee Valley that visitors from around the world enjoy. Open daily from April 15 through October 15. [ info ]