Dubuque, Iowa


Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens at Marshall Park

Established in 1980, the Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens in Marshall Park is an all-volunteer effort.

The Arboretum itself showcases more than 60 genus (such as maples, oaks, crabapples, magnolias, birch) and, of those genus, there are more than 200 species and cultivars chosen for their ability to thrive within the Upper Midwest climate and soil conditions. There are also more than 360 conifers, ranging in size from 12 inches to 40- to 50-foot specimens.

The 52-acre site features a rose garden with more than 450 hybrid teas, grandifloras, floribundas, shrubs and climbing roses. There are also Knot, Herb, Perennials Gardens, and an English Garden.  There are more than 13,000 hostas of 700 varieties.

What’s Special

20101221_273-300x450-WThe Japanese garden has been planned and created under the guidance of Hoichi Kurisu, a master designer of Japanese gardens, to provide a place of peace and quiet contemplation by recreating the world in miniature, with elements of the natural world arranged to encourage relaxation and meditation throughout all seasons.

To better appreciate this beautiful garden, here are a few guides:

  • Stone lanterns point the way in the garden.
  • Vertical stone towers contrast with the horizontal aspects of the garden.
  • A Tsukubai (water basin) signifies ritual cleansing.
  • Water adds sound, life, reflection and beauty.
  • Rock signifies solidity, height, background, shape.

Most of all — Listen with your eyes and see with your ears. It’s the yin-yang of the garden accenting the two opposites.


Physical grounds open dawn to dusk, 365 days a year

Gift Shop and Library:

April – September: 9am to 8pm daily
October: 9am to 5pm, daily
November – March: Closed

3800 Arboretum Drive | Dubuque, Iowa 52001-1040

Phone: 563.556.2100

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