Dixie Wood Lane

Decatur, Georgia

Georgia Perimeter College Botanical Garden

The four-acre Georgia Perimeter College Botanical Gardens is an extraordinary gem located behind a parking lot on the campus of Georgia Perimeter College.

Situated in a flood plain near a tributary of the South River creek, there are ¾ miles of easy walking trails and more than 20 beds of native Georgia perennials with more than 4,000 species of native and endangered plants indigenous to the Southeast. This site is especially lovely in spring, with shrubs such as native azaleas — Florida azaleas, Piedmont azaleas — Florida anise, magnolias, viburnums, and the ephemerals — trilliums, bloodroot, Virginia bluebells and more.

There’s also the Sun Garden and the Xeric fern bed that showcases sun ferns native to Georgia and the southwestern U.S. Here, instead of digging out the soil, raised beds were planted on the existing soil with agave, prickly pear cactus and ferns that thrive in the sun.

What’s Special: Ferns

IMG_20110612_151106Make your way back to the Ferns of the World Garden and you’ll feel like you’ve gone back to Jurassic Park. Here there are more species of ferns than any other garden in the U.S.  This extensive fern collection includes ferns from not only the U.S., but other temperate areas around the world. The shade fern beds contain the largest number of ferns, but there’s also an xeric fern beds for those sun-loving ferns. Fern Mountain will inspire rock gardeners who love ferns!


Open daily, free of charge

3251 Panthersville Road

Decatur, GA 30034

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