Orchids_Garfield Park Conservatory

Chicago, Illinois

Garfield Park Conservatory

Sometimes called “landscape art under glass” (or a visit a tropical island in the middle of Chicago), the Garfield Park Conservatory is also one of the five largest conservatories in the country and a Chicago gem that isn’t to be missed.

The Conservatory is almost five acres and the campus itself covers about 14 acres, with two acres of indoor display houses and 9 ½ acres of outdoor public gardens. Owned and operated by the Chicago Park District, thousands of plants are also grown there each year for displays in Chicago’s parks and public spaces.

What’s special?  Fern Room, Garfield Park ConservatoryThe Garfield Park Conservatory’s display houses include The Palm Room, with more than seven dozen varieties of palm trees, including the Double Coconut Palm; the Fern Room, gives a glimpse of what Chicago may have looked like millions of years ago.

Children's Garden, Garfield ConservatoryAnd, there’s plenty to keep children entertained as well in the Elizabeth Morse Genius Children’s Garden.

A hail storm in 2011 resulted in a great deal of broken glass, which local artists have used to create works of art that are for sale in the Gift Shop.

Opened in April of 1908, the 100+-year-old Conservatory is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Admission is free

Open year round

Daily Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Wednesdays: 9 am – 8 pm

300 North Central Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60624-1996

(312) 746-5100

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