Auburn, Washington

Soos Creek Botanical Garden

Opened to the public in July, 2011, this 22-acre garden is part of the original 200 acres owned and farmed by the Norwegian ancestors of garden enthusiast Maurice Skagen. Skagen and partner James Daly were inspired by tours of gardens in England and Japan and created a pleasure garden for all seasons. Along with a pond, rain garden, alder and cedar groves, there’s a woodland devoted to native plants, such as bleeding heart, trillium, twin flower, fringe cup, licorice fern, sword fern, and more. The Heritage Flower Garden was inspired by “Aunt Nettie’s flower garden” which was full of shared plants and features roses, peonies, heathers, irises and various perennials. The backdrop to this garden includes many fruit and ornamental trees.There’s also an aviary with doves, Asian pheasants, peafowl, cockatiels, parakeets, quail and of course chickens. A vegetable demonstration garden’s produce is shared with a local food bank. [ info ]