Athens, Georgia

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

This 300+ acre Garden is located just three miles south of the University campus. Of special interest, the International Garden depicts three eras that impacted the evolution of botanical gardens: the Middle Ages, the Age of Exploration and the Age of Conservation. For example, medicinal herbs displayed in the Physic Garden suggest a 17th century knot garden. Early physic gardens, once associated with medical schools, led to the development of botanical gardens. For their influence on the South, the International Garden also honors the pioneering father and son naturalists John and William Bartram, who discovered the now famous Franklinia (named in honor of Benjamin Franklin), and Ernest Henry “Chinese” Wilson, who introduced a large variety of Asian plants to the Southeast. It’s believed that at one time, “William Bartram traveled through or near land now comprising the State Botanical Garden.” You may find yourself following in the footsteps of Bartram himself on your visit! [ info ]